CLINICAL UPDATE ON OMICRON - By Dr. Sadanand Rasal( Atmavedayog)

 Omicron was normal upto now. So we weren't advising any medication. As it wasn't required. It is less severe ,no doubt ,but we are finding it causing  High CRP in quite some. But the alarming seen thing seen in Delta variant isnt seen . The lab investigations are showing  normal d dimer, normal IL6 .

Its nice feeling to help lots of patients from all over India  through our web portal. Our developed  YOG-E diagnostic test tools and YOG-E support tools give a predictive analysis which helps in prompt before time and  realistic preventive plan up in our  management. Based on the analytic inputs and diagnostic data in our patinet's  ,we are seeing something called as  "Racing Heart" in people affected or people of high risk group( includes first contacts of covid postives) . Along with minimal middle lobe bronchitis ,esp Right. 
These finding are of great clinical revelance and also important from patients awareness point of view and well being too.  This findings can be clinically missed by auscultating ear or error. And also be missed with online consultations as they do not technology to do a physical examination.

racing heart has something to do with the heart rate. As the term racing indicates , yyou as a reader by now must have imagined the meaning . Your are right , yes , its about increased speed of heart rate.
Now you must be thinking , whats serious. ?

Generally in fever we do get increased heart rate called as tachycardia. But to see this in persons without fever and in those who are asymptomatic is and should be a cause of concern. Its related to the Viral protein and the cell receptors ( cardiac cells that generate the heart beat), add to it the silent increase of CRP , which suggest inflammation. These combo could lead to immediate small scale  or serious large scale damage . This could also trigger what we can call ahead as Heart disease.


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